What is Roku? What are the models of Roku?

Roku is a streaming media player that takes content material from the internet and shows it on your television. The Roku comes in 5 models, differentiated by using overall performance and features. But, all five models can get entry to all 2500+ Roku channels.

Roku has some features which are common to all models. Features are;

  • It has full HD support of 1080p.
  • It has the function of searching across multiple content providers.
  • It has shortcut button in the remote to open favorite channels like Hulu, Netflix, etc.
  • Roku has its mobile application to provide casting on your TV and do remote capabilities.

Features which are common except the model of Roku 1 are;

  • Updated Netflix applications with support for profiles.
  • Loading is faster for Youtube and Netflix content.
  • Screen mirroring for compatible Windows and Android devices

Roku Models

Here are the explanations of the each model of Roku, and from that you can compare your choices.

Roku 4 Price; $124.99

In all, the largest feature differentiating the Roku 4 is that it now helps 4K Ultra HD resolution. However, that this feature will handiest to the one who has 4K TVs and who are streaming content that is in 4K. The most current upgrade of the Amazon Fire TV also supports 4K however. Unfortunately, the updated Apple TV does not (even though one of the huge advertised functions of the new iPhone 6S is shooting pictures videos in 4K). So I think that could be an excellent indication that this isn’t technology which is extensively used nowadays, but will become more commonplace earlier than too long.

What is Roku What are the models of Roku

Other benefits of Roku 4 are:

  • It has got the quad core processor which helps to do 4K streaming.
  • It supports the latest Wifi standard which allows faster speed usually when connected to multiple devices.
  • It has Optical Out port to connect it to the home theatre.
  • It has remote finder system.

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Roku 3, Price: $99.99

Roku has a history of naming their merchandise poorly. An example is the Roku three because there have certainly been two different kind models called the Roku three. The records here pertains to the model that was launched in 2015 that brought a Voice search capability. In case you’re not interested in Voice search, you may nevertheless purchase the previous version of the Roku 3 at Amazon doubtlessly for much less cash.

what is roku 3

Benefits of Roku 3 are:

  • It has got the Voice search feature which lets you search for the content in popular channels. Channels like: Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO are quite popular.
  • It has come with a more modern remote control:
  1. It owns a headphone jack that allows you to watch your streaming content without any disturbance to others.
  2. It has a function to use it as a motion controller to play games.
  3. You don’t need to point at the Roku player to run the system.

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Roku 2, Price: $69.99

At this time, there exist two versions of Roku 2. Even worse, the recent one, while having a few upgrades, took away multiple precious features. If you’re interested in the older model, yo can find here at Amazon.

what is roku 2

Some benefits of Roku 2 are:

  • Roku 2 has got the faster processor.
  • Roku 2 has extra ports:
  1. A USB port to connect your thumb drive or other hardware to watch movies, photos or music on your TV.
  2. An Ethernet port to connect your internet router with a cable to run wirelessly.
  3. A slot for Micro card to store additional applications if you run out of space.

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Roku 1, Price: $49.99

Roku 1 is the lowest model, so it is slower and doesn’t have most of the superior features like others. However, it does have one very crucial advantage: it is the most current version now that can be used with non-HDTVs. It has A/V ports (Red, yellow and white connectors), so it is a good option for loads of suitable TVs obtainable that just don’t occur to be HDTV. It’s also a significant advantage over the alternative three streaming player competitors—Fire tv, Apple tv, Chromecast—which all require HDTVs.

what is roku 1

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Roku Streaming Stick, Price: $49.99

Unlike other four models, Roku streaming stick isn’t a box. It is a small stick that you plug straight into an HDMI port on your television, which makes it a fantastic choice for wall-mounted TVs or in case your tv is on a stand that doesn’t have an area for a box.

roku streaming stick

Regarding features, the streaming stick is most just like the Roku 2 but is missing the faster processor and further Ethernet, USB, and Micro SD ports. And as talked earlier, it comes with a “point anywhere”  remote, which means you don’t need to point the stick to run it.

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