What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a screen casting feature that allows us to mirror our mobile device’s content on our TV screen.You can use your Galaxy device’s screen with your Samsung Smart TV or with an HDTV using the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. You can beam our phone’s screen wirelessly and view pictures, photos, videos, games and presentations on your TV’s large. Also, it is possible from iPhone or iPad to your TV. The screen mirroring feature allows you to mirror your phone or other compatible mobile device’s screen to your TV’s screen wirelessly. This system allows you to use your big screen television instead of your device’s tiny screen for showing data or applications stored on your handheld device.

Screen mirroring

Screen mirroring

● The possibility of using this feature depends on the place or service providing company
● Miracast-enabled devices that do not aid excessive-Bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP 2.X) may not be well matched with this selection
● A few files may also buffer throughout playback; this relies upon on the community connection
● To save the electricity, deactivate this selection when not in use
● In case of specified wi-fi frequency, AllShare forged dongles or HomeSync won’t be observed or connected
● In case you play movies or video games on a TV, pick the appropriate TV mode to get the great enjoy

Before using screen mirroring feature, please do the following:
● Make certain that the display mirroring-enabled device is attached to the tv using an HDMI cable
● Make sure that the tv is on

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