How Miracast is different from Chromecast and Airplay?

After launching 4K Fire TV by the Amazon, it arrived with an advertising campaign to promote all of its noteworthy features, inclusive of screen mirroring with Miracast.

However, Fire TV is not the only device with Miracast, which is a wireless screen display and video streaming widespread. Miracast is supported across a wide variety of TV, dongles, and set-up boxes. It lets you copy anything you notice at the display of one device onto another device’s screen – without an HDMI cable or network.

What is Miracast?

Miracast is an enterprise-huge standard that allows a mobile, as an instance, to find out and connect with any other device, along with a YV, to mirror the contents of its display to the TV. It works as a wireless HDMI cable and is a platform answer, so it’s now not limited to one brand or ecosystem.Here’s a few history on Miracast: The wi-fi Alliance, that is a 17-yr-old network of hundreds of business company from around the world that collectively put into effect standards for the wi-fi brand, established Miracast as a solution to be preferred for displaying multimedia among gadgets, without cables or a network connection.

Miracast is built upon wireless Direct, a technology that enables two devices to form a right away, peer-to-peer wireless connection for you to mechanically find out and join without a wireless router. Miracast would not depend on your private home’s network and rather creates its personal, allowing data to transfer freely between paired gadgets.

Miracast is considered an alternative to Apple’s AirPlay. Its support for the standard is presently built into Android 4.2+ and Windows 8.1+ so that Android smartphones and tablets and laptops can wirelessly mirror their display contents to Miracast compatible receivers.

How Miracast works?

Setting out with the technical stuff, Miracast takes the H.264 codec that allows you to mirror video in 1080p and as well as 5.1 surround sound audio. It additionally has a DRM layer so that a Miracast-supported device can be capable of reflecting copyright-protected content material, along with DVDs and music, from its display to a Miracast-compatible receiver.

Miracast, as we discuss earlier, is just a wireless HDMI cable. Without the trouble of the use of wire to connect devices, Miracast can take anything you see on one device and copy that on any other display in high definition and audio. It additionally does this without counting on your private home’s wireless network.

Miracast has one principal, let’s say, for instance, you’re looking a film on an Android device and want to apply Miracast to reflect the movie to your TV. Miracast will pair each gadget if they assist the same level of standard, but it’ll require your Android tool to stay open. If it is going to sleep, your TV will go dark.

Miracast can also drain your Android tool’s battery lifestyles while mirroring. It is strictly screen mirroring protocol and therefore not like AirPlay and Chromecast. They are smart enough to deliver the streaming. They admit for multitasking so that you can use on your device for different purposes while mirroring.


Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay are simply two of many options to Miracast. Chromecast is an affordable dongle that plugs into your HDMI port on TV and makes use of the Discover and launches protocol. With this setup, you can open an applications like Netflix on your Android or iOS tool and command the use to mirror video to your Chromecast.

Chromecast, which requires internet connection from a wi-fi router, will then screen the video to your TV display, but while that content material streams out of your device to a TV, you are still free to apply your device for different purposes and can even manage playback of the movie from your device.

Chromecast also has a feature that allows you copy your computer or a Chrome tab onto your TV screen. Chromecast consequently does not just mirror the contents of your device’s display, and it allows for multitasking in your device while it is operating. Accordingly, many critics have claimed Chromecast is “smarter” than Miracast.


AirPlay lets you stream your video from an iOS device or a Mac to an Apple TV. It can show your Mac’s screen on a TV, as an example. It can also take video playing in an iPhone application and stream it to your TV. It will let you operate playback controls for your iPhone, and it can even display your iPad’s screen onto your TV.

Apple’s wireless display standard is consequently smart enough to circulate the content you need to see and show. However, it’s regrettably limited to Apple gadgets. You can’t use AirPlay to movement from a Windows computer, and so on.

All Android devices and tablets having Android 4.2 or later support Miracast and can mirror to Miracast-compatible receivers. It consists of Amazon’s Fire OS, as it’s a model of Android. All computer systems were having Windows 8.1 or later and all phones having windows phone 8.1 or later also can mirror to Miracast compatible receivers.

Some new TV assist Miracast, making them Miracast compatible receivers. Miracast technology is quite new, so television makers like; Sony, LG,  Panasonic, etc. are in the process to integrate Miracast into their sets. If you do not have a Miracast-prepared TV, you may still get your hands on another type of receiver.

It is essential to notice the WiFi alliance doesn’t require Miracast supported gadgets to hold the “Miracast” logo name. Manufacturers can call their Miracast implementations something they need, making it hard to discover quickly if a device is Miracast-equip. Right here are examples of Miracast refer to as other names.

  • Samsung’s “AllShare Cast.”
  • LG’s “SmartShare.”
  • Panasonic’s “Display mirroring.”
  • Sony’s “Screen mirroring.”

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