How do I use screen mirroring with Galaxy S6/ edge on my Samsung TV?


Connected to TV

Register your TV on your device. Once you register your TV, you can easily share the screen between your device and television and use the briefing on TV feature. Your devices can be like Galaxy S6 0r S6 edge.

1. Turn on your tv and place your device close to the TV.
2. Open the notification panel and click Quick Connect.
3. Select the ‘TV’ and tap Register TV.

SHARING SCREEN:  You can mirror your tool’s, or gadget’s screen on television or vice versa.

(Note; this feature is only compatible with Samsung Smart TVs released in 2015 or later support the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) feature.)

Mirroring your device’s screen to a TV

While your tool recognizes the registered tv even as you’re watching a video, the Sharing screen icon will appear on the device. Click an icon to stream the video from your device to your tv.

If your tv is off and registered with quick connect, it will automatically switch on, and your device’s display will seem.

(Note: Some video player applications may not be able to support this feature.)

Mirroring a TV screen to your device

1. Open the notification panel and click Quick Connect. The registered TV will seem on the list.
2. Select the registered TV
3. Tap TV to a device. The TV display will appear on your device.

(Note; some files buffered during playback; meanwhile, it depends on the network connection.)


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