How to do screen mirroring your Galaxy S4’s screen on your TV?

Despite ever-increasing screen length size on Samsung’s Galaxy line, some media beg for a sit-back and big-screen experience. It can be a YouTube video files or just a little something you shot on your phone. And, as more developers support this choice, mirroring can enable you to play games on your TV while phone acts as a controller.

The S4 offers a few approaches to reflect your cellphone’s display onto your TV so that something you spot in your cell phone is what seems on the TV.

Depending on which accent you operate, the setup can be wired or wireless, with each solution offering particular benefits. Find which scenario fits you excellent.

Wireless Mirroring

Have a look through your S4’s Settings panel and you may see a “display mirroring” choice without a proof of ways it works. After some sleuthing, it turns out the characteristic actions methods: with (wonder) Samsung TVs or with Samsung’s AllShare Cast dongle.

How to do screen mirroring your of Galaxy S4's screen on your TV

Mirroring doesn’t work with just any Samsung television, though the characteristic turns into to be had handiest on 2013 smart tv models that have not yet launched. So, in case you’re not willing to wait, or a new television is not to your future, recall the use of Samsung’s dongle instead.

The dongle, to be had at a discount from Amazon, provides that wifi/wireless mirroring and media beaming function to any HDTV. To set it up, begin by using connecting it to your HDTV and switching to that source enter. When the light on the dongle blinks crimson, tap the reset button, and it will turn to blue.

Wired Mirroring

How to do screen mirroring your of Galaxy S4's screen on your TV

A lesser-recognised function, the S4’s Micro-USB port in reality doubles as an MHL-out port that is letting you as an output HD video and 7.1 level sound, all while charging your mobile phone. With this connection, you’ll  tether to your TV. But the gain of that hard-wired connection is that you get glitch free mirroring. Considering wireless mirroring can occasionally give you tiny audio and laggy video.

This setup isn’t ideal for brief switching among short  YouTube films or sharing a picture slideshow, although. Ideally, you’d use this wired approach for playing a movie or an extended playlist. To install or set up it, you will need Samsung’s MHL-to-HDMI adapter.

However before you hook up the cables, there may be a touch setup on your smartphone. Head directly to Settings>My device>Accessory; tap” Audio output” and tick “surround”. Now, the usage of an HDMI card, connect the MHL-to-HDMI cable to considered one of the TV’s HDMI-in the ports.  And your wall charger to the input on the side of your adapter. In the end, transfer the input source on your TV. Something you see on your phone will display on the television, and any audio will output to your home theater system.

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