Difference between Chromecast and Miracast screen mirroring

As technology advances itself further and similarly, our lives have turn out to be spoiled and pampered in a manner. This less complicated way of life isn’t always all awful. For instance, thanks to the appearance of the mirror cast dongle, we no longer want to depend upon HDMI cables to project what’s on our devices’ screen. From communication to business, this technology has some potentials to be developed into something extra. There is two screen mirroring dongle choices that are currently available to us.

Chromecast dongle

It is a particular tool this is particularly used for multimedia streaming. It’s an easy dongle this is connected to a receiver’s HDMI port and needs to connect to the net via a WiFi network. You need an app to begin the usage of Chromecast.

How does it work?

This tool or device doesn’t mirror the content out of your mobile devices. For instance: Laptop, Tablet or Mobile to the Chromecast dongle. Your device acts as a remote control that directs the dongle to the content material that it needs to get from the net. Chromecast will require you to install the setup application over a cellular device. The application can be download from Chromecast’s website or through an app store. i.e., Google Play or App store. Once installed, it’s going to assist you to connect your Chromecast dongle in your WiFi area so that it can be online and pull content material from the internet. Once you have Chromecast up and running any device that is related to the same WiFi network and has the plugin installed wirelessly run supported content material to the receiver’s display.

Advantages of Chromecast Dongle

  • It can detect content which can be cast on the receiver. Once the cast button activates the tool, the technology will take over, and you will be able to do multitask or even close your device off.
  • Workable for major multimedia apps like; Youtube, Netflix, etc.
  • Compatible with the mobile phones and other devices.

Disadvantages of Chromecast Dongle

  • The display screen mirroring function continues to be in beta mode. You could replace a device’s screen. However, it’s far still slow.
  • Works for only Apple and Android devices.
  • It cannot work offline.

Miracast dongle

A Miracast dongle is a tool that facilitates a mobile device to find out and connect with some other device so that it can copy the content material on the device’s or gadget’s screen to the receiver’s display. Miracast is also universal like an HDMI cable so that you can apply it to any brand or device environment.

Difference between Chromecast and Miracast screen mirroring

How does it work?

Google about Miracast and you’ll get collections of clarification as to what it is. In a nutshell, a Miracast dongle, like the LG Miracast dongle, set up a direct, device-to-device Wi-Fi reference with each other. It does not depend upon your WiFi network so that the issue of records isn’t always dependent on your net connection.

Advantages of Miracast Dongle

  • The content of the supply screen is identically copy without the need for  HDMI cable.
  • Miracast is ideal for connecting Laptop, PC or a tablet to a projector to screen off business presentations.

Disadvantages of Miracast Dongle

  • We cannot do multi-task work as it is only for screening purpose.
  • It is only applicable for Windows and Android devices.

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