Best applications for mirroring your Android screen. / Screen mirroring

Best applications for mirroring android screen

The need for Android users to view, and arrange either media files or encrypted information between Android devices and other gadgets result in mirroring software. Mirroring applications are applications that connect Andriod to different gadgets. Aside from the sharing features it has, customers are capable of a stream the display screen of his/her Andriod phone on […]

How to screen mirror Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge to your TV?

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have excellent displays at 5.1 and 5.5 inches, respectively, however, they couldn’t evaluate the benefit of watching on a 50-inch tv! Thankfully, there are easy approaches to connect your new phone to your HDTV, depending on your TV’s capabilities. Let’s have a look at the options. Connecting instantly to 2015 […]

How to do screen mirroring your Galaxy S4’s screen on your TV?

Despite ever-increasing screen length size on Samsung’s Galaxy line, some media beg for a sit-back and big-screen experience. It can be a YouTube video files or just a little something you shot on your phone. And, as more developers support this choice, mirroring can enable you to play games on your TV while phone acts […]

How do I use screen mirroring with Galaxy S6/ edge on my Samsung TV?

Connected to TV Register your TV on your device. Once you register your TV, you can easily share the screen between your device and television and use the briefing on TV feature. Your devices can be like Galaxy S6 0r S6 edge. 1. Turn on your tv and place your device close to the TV. […]

How to mirror your android screen to a PC or Mac without root?

Now and again, you want to look your Android phone’s display to your PC. How do you try this? Properly, if you have a rooted smartphone, it’s easy. But in case you haven’t rooted your device, there are nevertheless some straightforward approaches to get your phone or tablet’s display screen to reveal in your PC […]

How to do screen mirroring on your TV from android device?

Screen mirroring your Android device’s display on your television may be useful while you’re giving an illustration, showing off images from the latest trips, or playing games..To reflect the screen of your Android smartphone, you should have an Android version 4.4.2 and can be above as well as a Chromecast device. Usually, you can check […]