What is an Apple TV?

Before reading this post, please be sure that Apple TV is not a TV.

It is a $69, palm-size black plastic box shape that connects your TV set through an HDMI cable. Then it connects to your house wireless network and brings the forecast of internet video on your TV. It comes with an easy 3-button remote. It became initially defined as a “hobby” for Apple. Since the product’s release in 2007, Apple has offered 25 million of these little boxes.

what is apple tv?

Let me say one thing. Newly available TVs are quite featured with significant functionality which also can connect the internet and run youtube, Netflix and also Web applications. Such TVs are called smart TV.

You can connect your TV to HDMI cable, switch inputs to your Apple TV and done. Now you can see your video, pictures or any related topics or applications on your big screen.  Those who have canceled their cable subscriptions can also use Apple TV to access the video or any featured videos files on the screen. Apple TV is much easier to navigate its interface.

The main confusion on people is, do they need an iPhone to use Apple TV?. and the answer is ‘No.’ But instead of iPhone, we need to have iTunes account to log in and buy the TV shows and movies. Apple TV has more than 50 channels, but you won’t be able to get all those channels into your TV. You will just get access to that channels the content providers has decided to make available.

Some Apple users who might be in front of Apple Stores right now also love to use Apple TV for its airplay capabilities. You can display whatever you are doing on your Macbook, iPhone to your TV. But for this, you need to be on the same wifi network.

Also, there are many other approaches to stream your exclusive video on the TV. If you like to be a gamer and have a console like Microsoft Xbox or the Sony PlayStation, you already might have access to stream your video applications like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN and more.

In compare of other setup boxes, Apple’s biggest competitor in the world is the $90 Roku 3. Roku additionally offers a streaming “stick” that charges just $50 and does the same thing. Roku’s claim that it gives more than 2,000 web video channels, which is quite great.

And another is Google’s 35$ Chromecast stick which cast the content you are watching on your iPhone, Android phone onto your TV. Amazon Fire Tv has also got the same functional stick which cost around $39 and streams a lot of modern applications but only works with $30 Amazon remote and lets you search for videos using voice control.


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