How to mirror your device (Android, iOS and Windows’s screen?


  1. Do mirroring from iPads, iPhones, Macs, Chromebooks, and PCs.
  2. Mirror from Android Lollipop devices.
  3. Install Mirroring360 app on your Mac or PC.
  4. You can do mirroring from following devices:
  • From iOS tools and devices & Macs turn on AirPlay as well as Mirroring
  • From Android tools and gadgets, install (Mirroring360 Sender)
  • And from PC or Chromebooks Install Chromebook app.

Keep in mind that Mirroring older Mac or PC screen requires Chrome browser.

Mirroring360 offers you the capacity to mirror the display screen of devices along with iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, computer, or Mac to computer systems wire-free! Now you can additionally mirror your Android Lollipop tool’s display.

How to mirror your device's screen

Screen Mirroring iPad / iPhone / Mac screen is finished using the AirPlay technology made with the aid of Apple. All you want to do is set up the Mirroring360 application to the PC you wish to mirror and start mirroring.

Mirroring an Android requires the setup of Mirroring360 Sender on your Android device. Mirroring a windows computer screen requires for the installation of Mirroring360 Sender for your PC.

Mirroring a Chromebook requires the setup of Chrome browser extensions, to complete your installation just follow the step below.

  1. Be sure your PC and mirroring device are on the same wifi network.
  2. To view a mirrored screen, install mirroring360 for Windows as well as for Mac too.
  3. Mirroring your screen to another.

    A.  For Android                                                                                                                                                 Download and setup/install Mirroring360 Sender from the Play Store. Launch your app, a mirroring receive in the same WiFi network will discover, tap to connect to it.

          B.  For iPad / iPhone                                                                                                                                                                   On a supported iPhone or iPad,  swipe from the bottom up to control center, your computer tap AirPyour computer, turn on for Mirroring.

(Note: In case you didn’t see the AirPlay button inside the control centre, try Mirroring assists from the App Store and observe the step-by using-step instructions in the app to attach.)

           C. For Windows PC For Windows PC
           On the Windows PC in which you need to share your screen, install Mirroring360 Sender, launch your app, a mirroring receiver inside the same nearby WiFi network will automatically be observed, click on to connect.

           D. For Chromebooks                                                                                                                                                                  Chromebooks where you want to share your display, install Mirroring360 Sender, Install Chrome Extension, click the Mirroring360 Sender icon and select the PC you would like to reflect.

           E. For Mac  For Mac of Model Mid 2011 or later, only share screen via AirPlay.  For older models (before 2011): install Mirroring360 Sender to your Mac. And do  by referring to the ‘For Chromebooks’ section above.


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